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Digital Creative, enjoying himself @ OrangeTalent. Inspired by good, honest & friendly people. Working on webdesign, interactive, front-end, etc..


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More of the Roermond Basilisk (Taken with instagram)

Roermond City Church (Taken with instagram)


Need we say more?

Ow yes, bring out the stupid stereotypes about Dutch people. It’s the same as saying Americans like guns..


One of my lovely customers sent me a message today with this link.

And here is my United/World of Love line:

My heart sank a little bit. The World/United States of Love line that I created is one of the reasons that I was able to quit my full-time job….

Feel sorry for the creative who gets his idea stolen


Advertiser vs consumer.

Good old parody

Pixar’s Up house re-created in real life


This amazing project was undertaken by the National Geographic Channel along with a team of scientists, engineers and experts (the kind of people who can can launch a 16′ X 16′ X 18′ house to an altitude of 10,000 feet). The effort is considered as as the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted. Wow. Just wow.

No way! True awesomeness :)

(via spramble)


The UNICEF Landmine Stickers


Smart advertisement, spot-on


WiFi Light painting.

How can you visualize Wifi signal strenght in real life, on the street?


Such an excellent list… including:

  • Offer random tweets of kindness: Every now and then I ask on Twitter, “Is there anything I can do to help or support you today?”
  • Experience now, share later: Just as we aim to reduce our internal monologues to be present, we can do the same with our digital narration.

Great overview of some fundamental tips how social media could (should) be used.

It’s a App Store for your Mac. Bad luck Windows users ;) (Taken with instagram)

Just a second shot from a misty environment (Taken with instagram)

31th december mist in the Netherlands (Taken with instagram)

Sun is shining on 2nd day of Xmas (Taken with instagram)

Tablet Infographic, the popularity of tablets is rising and stats like this let us know that we should prepare to create work for these devices.

Just trying out Xcode for the first time, made a small test app (Taken with instagram)

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